Revive 2019: Use Your Influence to Defeat Depression and Heal Your Mind

Depression is a PERSONAL MISSION, this is why when you feel depressed no one would be able to reach your Soul. It is your Sole Purpose and Mission to Heal Your Own Mind and once you pass the Ultimate Test the World Suddenly becomes colorful, amazing, vibrant.

I know, we want Society to be Supportive. But Society is Sick- the medicine cannot be found in your own Family, Friends, Love Interest, Business Partners nor Strangers, if it were then a lot of people would not have ended their own life and turned to Suicide.

Even the most popular people, the most famous, the most loved- cannot escape Depression Pangs, this is why this is a Personal Task of the Soul that You Cannot Entrustst to Anyone Else.

Think of Life as a Game, with many levels and you need to Surpass every level inside the game. A maze if you may, you will face insurmountable opponents at every turn and it would be up to you to find the Resources to Survive.

I hate to break it to you, but any Relationship you will make, was intended to bring you down. No amount of Support System will Heal your brain because every person in this Game also has the Mission to get out of the Maze Alive- they won’t be able to Help You. For they are also inside the Game and Helpless Just like You. It is You and You Alone who will choose to live. Even God gave Humans Free WILL. Which means you will Either Pick up the Tools and Weapons to Survive, You will Choose Daily to Exist Another Day without Blaming Anyone. Without making somebody Else Responsible for what you feel.

This is the hardest of it all. I have been Plagued by Suicide and Depression in my 20’s- I thought at first other people should be responsible for my Happiness. But found that nothing lasts forever. If I relied on my family I would be even more depressed. If I relied with friends I will lose the battle. If I relied with people outside my circle I would only find even more Despair. So I looked up to the Spiritual and Reclaimed Power over mY mind and my Life. To the Higher Planes and Dimension of the Mind Should you look- to the Divine. Look Up- the Answer is there and has always been. Feel the Answer Within the Depths of Your Soul- and YOu will find that all the Answers Has Always been Available to You- REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!

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REVIVE 2019: Defeat Depression

What is Revive?

REVIVE is a movement that started last year (2018). It is an avenue to shed light and awareness to commonly overlooked and unattended pressing issues in our society.

Last year, Revive took OPM to a whole new level as different college bands competed against one another in performing Filipino songs through their own musical styles and flavors. The love for OPM was reborn, the youth were empowered and the whole concert audience got to know the deeper, divine meaning of REVIVE and received healing, fire and a clear vision of their lives.
WeAreRevivePH is looking for people to join our community who can help us mobilize our cause!

Join us for a community MEET & GREET on December 8, 2019, 4:00 p.m. at WMALL Pasay City. You can also donate to help us pursue our mission! For a minimal donation of Php250.00, you will receive a 'Thank You Membership Card' as a small gift. Part of our proceeds will directly fund our jail missions in BJMP Tagaytay City this December to extend grace, love and compassion hand in hand with a basic gift package prepared for each inmate.Our goal is to spark hope and light towards their community—and to many more others. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. WE BELIEVE WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR HELP.Be a part of WeAreRevivePH! PM us for inquiries and we will more than willingly entertain your inquiries. See you on December 8! #wearereviveph #defeatdepression #community #risenlifechurch #movement

Posted by We Are Revive PH on Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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