21st Century’s Most Ambitious Project For Humanity

youth volunteers & leadersFriends say it’s the 21st century’s most ambitious project for humanity. It’s actually the most selfless project in the real world. While serial entrepreneurs and investors create businesses to make more profits than they actually need, we in this project create more businesses to provide more jobs and create more profits where 50% of the profits always go directly to the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick, the prisoners, the homeless, the poor, the uneducated, and the unemployed—the people who already exist, an existing problem of the world that we should have been fixing already.

For the Hungry

While others are hungry for fame, we in this project are hungry for foods not to be eaten by ourselves alone but to feed those who are hungry.

For the Thirsty

While others are thirsty for the world’s most expensive wines, we in this project are thirsty for water not for us to drink but for those who are thirsty but have no money to buy water sealed in plastic containers.

For the Strangers

While others are taught never to talk to strangers, we in this project approach the strangers to offer them help, let them in to the shelters built for them, and provide them what they need because they are our brothers and sisters regardless of race, religion, color, language, belief, and cultural practices — .

For the Naked

While others are worried about what clothes to wear from hundreds of clothes in their closets, we in this project provide clothes and shoes or sandals or slippers for the naked beggars and poorest people walking barefoot — all of them without their own closets.

For the Sick

While others have access to the world’s best hospitals when they are sick, we in this project look for sick people to take care of when no one is willing to take care of them.

For the Prisoners

While others have forgotten the people behind the bars just as how they have forgotten the dead and those they never see anymore, we in this project continue to support the prisoners by giving them food resources and the Word of God to keep their body healthy while healing their souls, changing their minds to be good, and softening their hearts to sin no more.

For the Homeless

While others are building more churches that open for a few hours of service and closes afterward, we in this project build more houses for the homeless and open them 24/7 for those who urgently need temporary shelters because they were cast out by their own family or because they escaped from slavery or illegal detention or because of financial difficulties.

For the Poor

While others are making new recipes and selling expensive foods and drinks, we in this project support farmers of organic food and beverage to distribute the foods to the poorest of the poor without any cost.

For the Uneducated

While others have access to the world’s top universities to make their own names and billions of dollars and exclusive business empires, we in this project support non-formal education for children of financially-challenged families in provincial and remote areas by teaching them how to read, how to write, and how to count — skills enough for them to survive whenever they go downtown or into the cities.

For the Unemployed

While others have secured their jobs, have been working ever since, and have been receiving their salaries every end of the month without interruptions, we in this project work with different clients & partners worldwide to create more jobs for thousands out of hundreds of millions of unemployed persons in the world. We have been doing the best we can to help more who are still among the rest of the 99.9955% who are still jobless.